Cruise Industry


We are proud to be among the most reputable suppliers in the cruise industry. Already six years, AR Consulting Ltd connects brand owners and liners. Ensuring these ‘hotels of the sea’ are stocked up with all the products needed is not an easy task. And it is all about the right planning…

A cruise ship is not a restaurant or a pub. If the products are not loaded on time, the supplier cannot simply drop by a bit later on. From anticipating trends in on-board sales to plotting out a back-up plan in case of unexpected situations, the key is to be prepared. AR Consulting Ltd possesses the knowledge, experience and enthusiasm to meet the requirements of this specific business segment and deliver profitable growth for our cruise partners by helping them operate in a more efficient and sustainable way.

We supply the restaurants, shops, casinos, stores, drugstores and the hotel part of the ships. Moreover, our experience in this sector has taught us how important the products with gift value are for passengers. Brand owner who can provide special presents to the consumers are usually reaping the benefits.

Very often, depending on the type of cruise, guests receive a special “basket” of full-sized branded goods. This small gesture has huge impact on building customer loyalty by promoting “feels like home” spirit.

The so-called “basket” of products mostly includes toothpastes, shampoos & conditioner, after-shaves, perfumes & deodorants. Mini-bars are loaded with free of charge beverages and alcohol drinks of the highest class. Cigarettes or cigars are also admired by cruise guests. Their rooms are usually decorated with fresh flowers and fruits. Consumers can also bring these products back home as gifts for friends and family. We, at AR Consulting Ltd, are here to ensure all these little gifts are properly supplied!

If you are a brand owner who understands the enormous benefits of this luxurious business and wants to be a part of it, please, do not hesitate to contact us! The rest is our job…


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