Our key activities are consulting, business development, trade management services (import-export), cruise lines supply, financing services, trading in Africa. We help operate in the most efficient and sustainable way and deliver products and services around the world.

We work with diverse markets from around the globe which all have different requirements. Our goal is to provide products and services tailored to suit them through a well- grounded, professional and high level of insight in the business.

Consulting Services


AR Consulting helps its partners attack today’s business and technology challenges by leveraging its deep domain expertise incorporated with extensive understanding, knowledge and core capabilities in innovation, operations and technologies, all grounded with a put together mindset.

We live in an innovation driven world where traditional business and technology approaches no longer provide companies with a long lasting competitive edge; with increased and complex regulatory critical observations, cost burdens and an accelerated time to revenue restrictions- all these could cause repeated reevaluations on all business aspects.

As a full-time lifecycle partner, we would be there throughout the course of the journey and aid in clarifying set out innovation plans of action, visualize new products and their competence, modify operations and lay down the foundation for new solutions and product structures. We tailor each solution in line with what is required, mustering the best of our abilities.

We have a broad scope of  partners. We help make notable and long lasting upgrades to their operations and make concrete their principal goals and future objectives. With our vast experience in the business, we aid in the adaption process of a constantly changing business environment

Business Development


AR Consulting provides valuable information on things to know about running and growing a business- we design diverse ways of managing cashflow. We ensure a rooted company culture for businesses, take on the right strategies and maintain a reputation with uncompromising standards.

Our investment strategy allows for investments across the corporate capital structure and provide diversified exposure across multiple industries. Our core investment strategy is focused on direct originations and opportunistic investments, such as event-driven investments and anchor orders, which we believe allow us to take advantage of market inefficiencies. In certain circumstances we may also opportunistically invest in the broadly syndicated loan and high yield bond markets.

Trade Management Services (Import-Export)


AR Cosnsulting provides global trade compliance evaluation, trade conformity advice, customs quotation guidance. We ensure regulatory compliance by lessening supply chain interferences, recognizing and creating cost savings opportunities.

We manoeuvre today’s aggressive and increasingly elaborate world of global trade. We are qualified to deliver an excellent service to shippers from around the world by merging our skills in logistics and trade management to offer a complete approach to international supply chain management.

We are established on the principle of innovation. Our skilled team of professionals, aided by dependable technology, organizes and optimizes logistics, finances and regulations. We assure good management services for sourcing and transportation decisions.

Import- Export Services: we assist importers and exporters to control, comprehend and act in accordance to all requirements, regulations and security procedures associated with trade.

Cruise Lines Supply


AR Consulting is well established in supplying cruise lines with products & services, covering all major ports on the Mediterranean, Caribbean, South China sea, etc. We deliver Fast- Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) such as foods, beverages and toiletries, Health & Beauty Care (HBC) such as skin, body and hair care products.

Our wide product range is tailored to suit different tastes, choices and preferred pricing from different ethnicities all over the world.

Financy Services


AR Consulting provides a one-stop solution to pending financing needs of businesses. We aim at enhancing the financial control of businesses through a powerful strategy and professional guidance. Accessing business capital can sometimes be challenging.

The thought of cash management can take a valuable amount of time and cause distractions in running businesses. We provide businesses an access to capital when needed, help improve financial standing, make easier and improve the way businesses pay and are being paid.  We proudly applaud our services as some of our partners already have more control over their finances, and are better able to succeed and grow.

We are proud to enable businesses grow and thrive with our service.

Trading in Africa


AR Consulting invests a lot in Africa as the potential of African countries is progressively increasing. Africa’s economic pulse has quickened, infusing the continent with a new commercial vibrance. Retail is flourishing; private-investment inflows are surging. The continent is among the world’s most rapidly growing economic regions. This acceleration is a sign of hard-earned progress and promise.

We have partners scattered all over Africa and are very impressed with our cooperation.


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